If you are looking for a unique experience, Capritime invites you to experience a delightful hands-on limoncello demonstration in the heart of Anacapri.

The setting of our outdoor demonstration is in one of Anacapri's exclusive private villas on the terrace overlooking the sea. During our one-hour demonstration you will learn how to make Capri's favorite lemon 'digestivo' from start to finish. You choose and pick the lemons from the property's lemon trees and your host and/or hostess will instruct you through every step. Once completed, enjoy tasting the finished product.

Your private Capritime Limoncello Experience can be coupled with a delightful cooking class on the property with one of Capri's chefs.

"Capritime's Limoncello Experience provided a unique look into the history, culture and romance of Limoncello on Capri. Rebecca's insight, passion and attention to detail created a truly amazing and memorable experience. Dining and drinking the limoncello that we made while overlooking the Mediterranean from her commanding property was the highlight!"

Fred Groth, Boulder Colorado

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