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Welcome to Capri & Capritime Tours
Capritime Tours, with its owner-led walks, offers you not only the most convenient and luxurious way to visit Capri but also leads you to the sights most tourists never discover on and off this picturesque island. Experience the breathtaking scenery, interesting history and the unrivaled Italian lifestyle up close and personal.
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Art & Archaeology Tour

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Capri Island Getaway Tour

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Capri Tour

Customized and Day Tours

Capri Boat Tours

All itineraries are designed for maximum flexibility and enjoyment. To ensure individual attention, all group tours are limited to 8 participants!

We take advantage of Capri's many boats and hydrofoils to visit the magnificent coastline, offer daily walks along Capri's numerous trails and gardens, and allow plenty of time to appreciate Capri's delicious specialties at every lunch and dinner.

Rebecca Brooks "We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and we look forward to meeting you on one of our fabulous Capritime Tours!"

Rebecca Brooks is founder of Capritime Tours and a resident of Capri.

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In Italy:

If you are calling within Italy from an Italian phone line, please dial direct 329.21.49.811; otherwise, you will need to dial the country code (39) prior to the telephone number: (39)329.21.49.811.

Italy Tours

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Treasures of Italy
Italy Shore Excursions

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Amalfi Coast Wedding

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